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GutzBusta Slow Feeder Hay Nets


Pricing varies according to size of net see below:

Hay Nets:



Medium $25  (NORMALLY $39.95 ) 3 cm hole  (3 - 4 Biscuit - half bale) - 60 ply netting - extra strong.

Large $32 (Normally $47 )  4 cm hole 60ply  (Full small bale size)

These nets are 4cm x 4cm square holes and 3cm X 3 cm (small size only) (1.5" square) and aremade from UV stabilised, pre-stretched polyethylene netting.  

If a hole does start, they are easily repairable, and all nets are supplied with a repair string (just like good quality jackets/jumpers come with a piece of extra thread). 

These nets have reinforced hand woven stitching on the side seams to make them less able to pull apart if the net is accidently hooked and the side seam is broken.  This weaving is done from the same material as the nets, so there are no weak materials used to join the edges of the hay nets together. 

There are no metal joins of any sort on these nets, so nothing harmful that your horse can chew.


  • Reduces boredom by extending feeding time.
  • Allows rate of hay consumption to slow down – closer replicating grazing.
  • Simulates grazing for physical and mental health – horses are supposed to eat 18-20 hours/day.
  • Reduces incidence of choke by stopping gorging, and only allowing a few strands of hay to be eaten at once.
  • Recommended by Vet’s to help with obesity, colic, insulin resistance, ulcers and stall vices.
  • Happier, healthier horses that are less aggressive towards their mates as they ALWAYS have something to eat, particularly if they are on a dirt lot, paddock paradise track, stabled, or yarded.
  • Great for laminitic, IR etc horses as there is no insulin spike if they have hay available all the time. Allows free choice/low carbohydrate hay access all the time. Pasture hay is usually the best (but not ryegrass or clover).
  • Constant chewing causes sodium bicarbonate to be naturally released in the horses saliva, therefore reducing risk of stomach ulcers by counteracting the HCl in the horses stomach.
  • Reduces hay wastage from being blown away, trampling, mud, etc therefore saving money.
  • Net types of slow feeders are able to hang anywhere, safe, durable and easy to fill.
  • As the net holes are smaller, the net can be secured low for a natural grazing position (not recommended for shod horses or untrimmed hooves with sharp edges).
  • Can reduce feeding time by using the large bale nets so that horse has access to hay for longer periods before refilling