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Introducing "The Barefoot Blacksmith" Workshops for Horse Owners - They may just change your horse's life! 


A great way to have fun whilst learning about the true functions of the internal components of the hoof.  Even if you do not ever intend to maintain your own horse's hooves yourself, attending a barefoot trimming workshop is a wonderful way to learn why natural hoof care is the best choice for lifelong soundness for your horse and gives you skills just learning "living landmarks" enables you to assess trimming done for you by others. 





We are lucky in Australia that Andrew Bowe, the leading barefoot educator in this country, offers fun and insightful workshops for horse owners Australia wide.

Andrew Bowe has truly seen hoof care from both sides of the Anvil.  He was a Master Farrier for 20 years before he explored natural hoof care.  Through his rehabiliation work with foundered and navicular horses at his rehabiliation centre in Victoria www.barehoofcare.com  he gained vast experience in rehabilitation techniques with natural hoof care methods.  Through his amazing success with horses that formerly would have been considered unsalvagable, he felt compelled to share this his knowledge. Learn why no horse needs to undergo painful surgery or corrective shoeing for navicular rehabilitation. 

 Andrew is one of the developers of the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy  www.equinepodiotherapy.com.au  where those interested in career training as Professional Trimmers, including veterinarians,  are trained in this new modality. 

At the college he works closely with Professor Robert Bowker from Michigan State Unversity's Equine Hoof Laboratory research team, one of the world's leading veterinary researchers into the hoof and its functions. 

Workshop Information:   For more information on locations and dates of Barefoot Blacksmith workshops please see click here  Andrew offers beginners to advanced workshops.  You can also contact their office on 03 5773 4306