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Thinking of becoming a Professional Barefoot Trimmer?

Looking for a nationally accredited Diploma level course?  Consider the Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy.

The Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy has been running since 2008.  The course is now nationally recognised and accredited.  If you would like to be a specialist in natural hoof care & rehabilitation this is a great course to consider.

If you are considering hoof care as a career why not do a Diploma level course and expand your knowledge so that you are able to be part of successful rehabilitation for serious hoof issues.  Trimming the hoof is but a tiny part of rehabilitation, gain the knowledge that makes you a hoof therapist too......able to work alone or along side other equine health professionals.  Also gain the business skills to run a successful equine business and finish with credentials that will take you anywhere.  

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Who are the lecturers?

The lecturers and trainers on this course are all industry leaders in this new field. The anatomy modules are delivered by Professor Robert Bowker who is the head of the Equine Hoof Laboratory at Michigan University where he does extensive research into the hoof and trains veterinarians.  Practical trimming and laminitis/navicular rehabilitation is delivered by Andrew Bowe, Master Farrier and Director of the college and author of a highly acclaimed text on laminitis care.   For more information on the staff see www.equinepodiotherapy.com.au

What award is offered for completion of the course?

Students who successfully complete the course are awarded a Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy accreditation under the VRQA guildelines. This is not a "short course" diploma.  This course has been government assessed and meets all the standards for a full Diploma under the Australian Educational Framework. 

How long is the Diploma Course?

The course is two years in duration and is delivered in modules of face to face lectures, practical work and distance learning exercises.  The first year is the theory and practical modules and then students have an additional 12 months to complete a series of case histories which are assessed by your trainers.  The course deliver is constructed to make study easier for those with existing work commitments. 

Where is the college located?

The campus is based at Mayfield Barehoofcare Centre in Yarck in North-East Victoria. Mayfield is a working farm and rehabilitiation centre for horses with serious hoof issues such as laminitis. The campus provides air conditioned classrooms, student amenities, accommodation and camping facilities. There is also a full range of accommodation at Alexandra within easy driving distance.

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

If you are over 18 all you need is a passion for equine hoof care and a willingness to expand your knowledge.

For more information see:

Visit the web site - www.equinepodiotherapy.com.au    

Email  - admin@equinepodiotherapy.com.au 

Phone administration on 03 5773 4358 during office hours.