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Laminitis aids

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Fotonote: Laminitis is a serious & life threatening condition for the equine.  Call your vet if you suspect laminitis!

Sub-clinical laminitis, the precursor to laminitis, may go unnoticed for years as the horse is bi-laterally sore but not technically limping.  The photo shows a thoroughbred still racing, albiet not successfully, with serious sub clinical laminitis evident (the hooves display lamintic rings and the near fore displays a "sinker" note the sharp edge to the coronary band, where the connection to P3 is failing and the bone has sunk into the hoof capsule).  Usually once lameness is evident laminitis is well advanced.  

We also highly recommend anyone dealing with a laminitic horse read the excellent text book by Master Farrier & Equine Podiotherapist Andrew Bowe.  It logs the very successful rehab work done at Mayfield Barehoof Rehab Centre. It shows owners how to easily recognise the early signs of sub clinical laminitis and explains how to deal with the rehabilitation of serious cases and prevent further attacks. 

It explains successful rehab strategies, based on the latest research, and why they are used by barefoot specialists.   These new methods are often not adopted by many farriers and vets as they are not trained in this very new field, so will still advise the traditional corrective shoeing methods that have failed so many horses.  This book may change the outcome for your horse as it has for many many others now.  Andrew asks that you please show it to your vet and farrier too.

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