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Versa Grip Gold


The EasyShoe Versa Grip Gold is the most advanced hybrid nail-on urethane horse shoe, featuring concussion absorption powers of polyurethane and an internal steel insert. Independent nailing plates increase the shoe's flexibility, nail stability and weight reduction. It's pre-angled with integrated clips, 12 nail options and a debris guard.

Available in Front or Hind patterns and a variety of sizes.

Sizes currently available

110f - 142f

110h - 134h

*Sold in pairs

*Ideally, your horse's hoof measurements should fall on the lower end of the range of width measurements, and be no longer than the length measurement listed next to each shoe size. For example, a hoof that would fit well into the 110F would measure 104-106mm wide and less than 122mm long. If necessary, it is simple to trim down any extra width or length of the shoe to customize the fit for your horse.