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Ice Studs


Long-wearing studs come in two sizes: regular (3/4"), and long (1"). They can be used in all of our boots except the Easyboot RX and EasySoaker*.

Order Normal (3/4") Studs for the following boots:

  • Original Easyboot, Easyboot Bare, Easyboot Epic - up to size 4
  • Easyboot Glove & Glue-On - all sizes
  • Boa Boot - up to size 7

Order Long (1") Studs for

  • Original Easyboot, Easyboot Bare, Easyboot Epic size 5 and up
  • Easyboot Edge - all sizes
  • Easyboot Grip - all sizes
  • Boa Size 8
  • Old Mac's - all sizes

These boot studs are designed for durability and ultimate traction, and are great for riding on ice, mud or turf. Four studs per boot are recommended, but more may be used. Studs come complete with installation instructions, and can be used in all sizes of EasyCare riding boots.

*Note: Studs come in regular and long sizes. All sizes of Old Mac's Original and Old Mac's Original boots use long studs.

Sold in sets of four (4). Specify Long or Regular.