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Therapads|TheraPads without Rods Enlarge
  • TheraPads with TheraRods inserted|TheraPads with TheraRods inserted
  • TheraPads being used in a Stratus boot|TheraPads being used in a Stratus boot



The TheraPad is a patent pending design that is intended for therapy situations. The pad is made in a medium range durometer, has a fabric layer to wick moisture from the hoof, and incorporates a pattern of holes on the underside. The holes reduce the weight of the pad and allow the insertion of TheraRods. *TheraRods sold separately.

Although the TheraPad is molded to fit into the Easyboot Stratus and Easyboot Cloud it can be cut to fit into other EasyCare boots. In addition a large pad can be used without a boot to provide cushioning and comfort will trimming a sore horse.

 TheraRods are used to add additional density to regions of the TheraPad. Although the majority of horses will find the density of the TheraPad perfect without the TheraRods, the rods can be added to increase the stiffness of the pad. TheraRods allow each TheraPad to be customized.

Sold in pairs - does not include TheraRods they are sold separately.