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EasyShoe Spacers


Tip:  Spacers are ideal to help keep the heels of the shoe the right distance apart whilst you are nialing the shoe on.  They can then be removed once the shoe is applied if you wish to free up the heels so they can flex independently as they naturally would.

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Sold Singularly with screws  $4.20  or as kits plus screws  $14

If you are using easyshoes for rehabilitation purposes you may want a kits of single spacers:

Covering sizing 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm - $7.00  Kits are often used by those who are rehabbing horses as over the shoeing cycle larger spacers can by inserted in the shoes to encourage heel spread.

Note: Sometimes horses who are freshly out of shoes are not used to having functional fully flexing heels and will need the shoe to be stable for the first few weeks whilst the hoof recovers and the caudal heels tissues become more robust.  Placing a spacer in the EasyShoe Performance stabilizes the heels. 

The spacer can be removed and a larger size spacer inserted as the hoof grows and the heels spread throughout the shoeing cycle.  Eventually the horse will not need the spacer and the shoe can be used without it. 

Be careful not to over stretch the heels with spacers that are too wide or the horse may become tender.  All rehab. is a slow process that allows the hoof tissues time to strengthen.