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Easyboot Remedy - NEW


The remedy is a strong, waterproof, and flexible boot perfect for soaking and ice therapy. The Easyboot Remedy is a short boot perfect for soaking the hooves up to halfway up the canon bone on most horses.

Sold individually Medium Size $87  Large Size $90

Limited stock - please contact us prior to purchasing to check stock levels

The Easyboot Remedy is deisgned to hold liquid while a horse is standing still. It should fit loosely. The boot should be easy to slip on and off, and there should be extra space around the hoof to allow cold water and ice to contact all sides of the hoof and lower leg. 

Other Easycare hoof boots are designed to fit snuggly to prevent twisting and turning while the horse is moving. Please remember the Easyboot Remedy is to be used only while the horse is standing still, so measuring and sizing this boot will be different than it is for any other EasyCare product.