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Easyboot Glove 50


Easyboot Glove 50

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The Easyboot Glove 50 is built on the Easyboot Glove shell, but replaces  the fabric gaiter with a urethane heel sling covered in neoprene. The heel sling comes in two different heights to suit different heel heights. The boot is easy to apply and remove. All parts are replacable, and it has already been used successfully in several 50-mile endurance events. 

Two different heel heights in this model are available- USE A GLOVE FIT KIT to find out which heel height you need for your horse. 

The Easyboot Glove 50 comes in two different heel heights.
  • The Easyboot glove 50-A suits horses when the hairline is 5mm or less above the back of the fit kit shell. 
  • The Easyboot Glove 50-B suits horses when the hairline is 5mm or more above the back of the fit kit shell. If the hairline is 10mm above the back of the shell then the Glove 50 is not a suitable for your horse.

How to determine what size & height you need?  Answer - Every one should use a fit kit to determine the correct sizing of this boot style. The sizing chart alone is not enough for you to determine the correct fit. These shells stretch and therefore  a fit kit is necessary to get the correct fit for each individual horse. 

IMPORTANT - The Easyboot Glove 50 style is only suited for horses with a short trim cycle, meaning no longer than 4-5 weeks. 

Only sizes 0.5 - 2.5 in regular sizes are currently available.