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Bare Hoof Care Functional Hooves for Lifelong Soundness Booklet


If you own a horse, you own its hooves!

Each hoof is the fine line beteween your horse and the hard Australian ground.  Every stride creates a high frequency impact that needs to be dealt with by the internal hoof tissues.  Hooves need to be the strongest link in the chain.  Understanding them with an eye to 21st century hoof research is the key to good choices.

In the past few years amazing breakthroughs have been seen for the rehabilitation of serious hoof problems.

Read about these breakthroughs and why a Master Farrier of 30 years, and owner of Australia's leading barehoof rehabilitation centre openly says "now that we have access to more knowlege on the processes that cause Navicular syndrome and after using these techniques,  I am happy to say that no horse ever needs to have invasive surgery or corrective shoeing for navicular syndrome again!

This little book written by a Master Farrier who is also an Equine Podiotherapist, and runs Mayfield Barehoofcare Rehabilitation Centre where the research of Professor Robert Bowker is the basis for the many rehabilitations done there, is full of simple explanations and lots of graphics that explain hoof care for the 21st century. 

If you have a horse suffering navicular syndrome or has a recurring hoof problem this is a way to fast track your understanding of the latest insights into the hoof.