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  • Zip boot sole|Zip Boot sole

ZIP Boot


Sold as single boot.  Not a riding boot.

$87.00 includes postage.

Provides a clean safe environment for treating hoof injuries - available in several sizes.

  • Ideal as a temporary covering for hoof injuries.
  • Holds medication in place for treating abscesses.
  • Carry one in your equine first aid kit so you are always prepared.

  • Simple slip on temporarly boot.  A better alternative to clumsy hoof wraps. 
  • Keeps medication in place.  Removable leather inner sole keeps moisture away from the sole and can be eaily removed.
  • Ideal for keeping the hoof clean and free from dirt or oils if you are preparing the hoof for the easyshoe gluing process.
  • Allows hoof to breath.
  • Machine washable.

If you require a more robust boot for dealing with serious long term hoof conditions such as laminitis we recommend The Cloud Boot.

Zip Boot for gluing

The Zip boot is ideal for keeping hooves dirt free as part of the Easyshoe gluing process.


Zip boot sizing

Sold as single boot